Welcome to the iDeaL School Approach

The iDeaL approach aims to draw your attention to the importance of what sits below reading fluency. Reading is the most researched aspect of education internationally. Research studies indicate the importance of the development of teacher knowledge and practice principles in the identified five elements of Structured Literacy. These being phonological awareness, alphabetic principle, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. The iDeaL Approach aims to support teachers, SENCOs, RTLBs, RTLits, LSCs and School Leaders to build consistent and aligned evidence-based pedagogy in their settings. 

iDeaL Startup

Information and video explanations to get you set up and underway for the iDeaL Approach. 

iDeaL Instruction

Video examples and supporting documentation to develop explicit and direct teacher instruction in structured literacy. 

iDeaL Assessments

Administration of assessments, generation of reports, class groupings, identification of teaching needs and direction to teaching resources. 

iDeaL Resources

An evidence based resource bank that includes the iDeaL scope and sequence made up of forty systematic concepts for explicit teaching   

iDeaL Professional Learning

Teacher learning modules and professional knowledge of evidence-based findings to begin your structured literacy journey.  

iDeaL Leadership

Leadership tools for developing and sustaining a consistent evidence based literacy approach school wide.