Welcome to the iDeaL School Approach

We help classroom teachers, sencos, LSCs and school based intervention teachers to ensure they have the knowledge, appropriate assessments, reporting systems and multisensory resources to explicitly teach foundation literacy skills. 

iDeaL Startup

How To Guides and all the information you need to get you started with the iDeaL Approach. 

iDeaL Professional Learning

Professional learning modules. All you need to know and learn to help you teach crucial literacy skills. 

iDeaL Instruction

Examples of explicit and direct instruction in foundation literacy skills. The place to see great teaching in action. 

iDeaL Assessments

Here you will find assessment templates, markbooks to enter student data into and your reporting system. 

iDeaL Resources

This is where you will find the scope and sequence for teaching and the resources for teaching.    

iDeaL Leadership

Templates and tools for leaders and literacy coaches who are supporting others in their practice.