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Getting Started as an iDeaL Parent

In this section you will find Information and video explanations to get you set up and underway for the iDeaL Approach. 

Building my Knowledge as an iDeaL Parent

In this section, you will learn all you need to know about the Science of Reading and how children are taught to read according to the latest findings in neuroscience. It's not too complex we promise. Enjoy. 

iDeaL Parent Resources

iDeaL evidence-based resource bank. The resources in this section follow a scope and sequence that is systematic, cumulative and includes phonological awareness links and activities and twenty-six spelling concepts for explicit teaching. 

The iDeaL Instruction

In this section you will find video examples of lesson delivery. 

iDeaL Parent Troubleshooting

This section contains answers to commonly asked questions, a checklist to assist you to monitor progress and how and when to move to the next level. 

IDeaL Parent Inspiration

This section contains a series of resources and short videos which we hope will support and inspire you if your child or children have literacy learning differences. You are not alone.