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It is important that you read our Terms. By using our iDeaL Platform, you are agreeing to be bound by our Terms.  If you cannot agree to the Terms, then please do not use the iDeaL® Platform. 

  • I understand I am responsible for what happens on my account and the information that I collect or upload into the iDeaL Platform (where applicable).  

  • I understand I do not have the right to share information or resources with unregistered users and that doing so would breach my subscription rights and result in termination.  

  • I accept that and grant you permission to use my User Data for any purpose, which may mean that we create reports, analysis or documents (among other things) with the User Data.  

  • I understand that (where applicable) I am entitled to upload any and all of my User Data into a third-party management system or other system in an individual student report PDF format, or in any other format agreed in writing between you and Learning Matters Limited. 
  • I understand I can download, photocopy, use, save or print out information from the iDeaL Platform, but only if it is for educational teaching purposes related to the school I have this subscription for, and or for my own personal use in homeschooling my children as a parent portal user.  I understand I am not entitled to download, copy or store any Generated Content, Aggregate or Anonymous Data, iDeaL Technology or any other content or information obtained from the iDeaL Platform on any other third-party management system or other system.  

  • I understand copyright law applies. No iDeaL content or intellectual property is to be used to recreate or create new material for any purpose by any user of any level. 

  • I understand I do not have rights to use the iDeaL logo. 

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